Our Story

Our Mission: 
At Frances Cecil Farm our utmost responsibility is growing uncompromised seasonal, quality flowers by creating and supporting biologically active and fertile soil. We value locally grown flowers that stimulate economical, social and ecological community and resilience. Family is at the heart of Frances Cecil in creating meaningful and fulfilling work whilst prioritising fun, creativity and a little bit of madness.
Our Name:
Frances Cecil came to fruition in the hopes of creating a farm that reflected the values and practices of regeneration, biodiversity and local community. Whilst in planning and practice these ideas are at the forefront of my mind, the true heart of Frances Cecil is family. Growing up, my Mardi and Pop were distinct figures in my day to day life. My grandparents were like many people of that generation; frugal, hard working, community orientated, kind and held a particular devotion to appreciating the small simple things in life. The hours spent cooking, sewing, playing outdoors, watching VHS’s and gathering around a table and sharing stories at my grandparents are some of my most cherished memories. Their house was and still is a magical world that is silly, fun, cozy and warm. At Frances Cecil I hope to pass on these qualities and create an experience for individuals that is honest, down to earth, quirky and fun. My farm and its values are a tribute to the colourful and wonderful lives of my Frances and Cecil.
Helen Frances & Maurice Cecil Patterson 
'Frances & Cecil'